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"Don't consult a computer, consult a person."
Here at DXC Design we believe that a person should have the opportunity to speak to another person, not a computer. Being able to explain your ideas to another person is important, especially when you are trying to get involved in today's technological world.

We make sure that the job at hand is done correctly and with a high attention to detail. Prices vary depending on the size and complexity of the job, but our prices are reasonable.
DXC Design is more than just a website and graphic design service. We strive to make the internet a more visually appealing place one website at a time. Our goal is to create new and unique experiences for our clients and their websites.

Since our start in 2012 we have learned a lot. We are still growing and changing, but so is the internet. That's what makes us better than any other service out there. We never stay the same, because we understand that trends come and go, and that styles change. Quality is our motto, and we put it into everything that we do. Every website that we build is scrutinized several times before it is handed over to the client.
The design of a website is only as limited as the mind of the person building it. The possibilities are almost limitless for how a website can look. Maybe you have an old or outdated website, and you want all of the same information, but on a new website. Just send us a link, and we'll take care of the rest. We use a rich combination of HTML5(code), CSS3(code), and SEO(search engine optimization) to create amazing websites that will grab the attention of visitors(your potential clients). We want to make your website work for your business. We provide solid hosting and can even teach you how to edit your own website.
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